Friday, October 9, 2009

Travelling International? Rent a Phone!

There's lots to think about when you travel internationally, and staying safe is always a concern. One of the simplest ways to stay safe is to rent an international cell phone from TravelCell. Why? Because these phones will always work. With a prepaid phone, you may run out of minutes at the worst time, and if you travel with your own phone, service is unrealiable.

Of course, an affordable cell phone rental has other benefits as well. You'll have the number provided to you before you depart, so friends and family will know how to reach you. And the call charges are significantly less than the exhorbitant rates the hotels charge!

For business traveler, a cell phone is an absolute necessity, allowing you to stay in touch with your business. You can even get a toll-free number so clients can easily stay in touch with you while you're away.

Want to see how affordable our service is? Check out our Israel phone rental, and Italy phone rental. Free incoming calls in those countries and many others is a great deal!